Availabilty "Sech'Ry"

vrije slots sechery

1. Tel. or mail your desired booking period to situs@skynet.be, we will inform you within 24 hours if the period is still available.

2. A booking is effective after written confirmation of your reservation by Situs and after payment of an advance of 30% per return.

3. Situs does not insure cancellations.

4. An option is possible for a week and is free.

5. Last-Minute bookings generate a discount of resp. 20 and 30%.

6. Bookings in January and February are at low season prices.

Weekend rental



Friday in between of 2 bookings

     Busy on Friday from 4 pm

     Friday available from 4 pm

     Sunday departure from 8 pm

Long weekend rental

     Monday departure at 10 am

Midweek rental

     Free from Monday 16 to Friday 10 am for one, two, three or four nights